Hello everyone. My name is Michael Barone and my sister Stephanie inspired me to start this blog. My blog is a challenge to myself to lose weight, a problem a lot of people can identify with. My plan is to give you my back story, which can be found in my post titled “First Post!”, get the sad and depressing stuff outta the way, then through humor and joke chronicle my journey to losing weight, hoping that all of you will help me along the way!

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  1. USA Kiwi says:

    My thoughts:
    1) don’t read my blog, I cook for a man-beast and our child, who eats like a man. Virtually nothing on my blog will work for a person trying to shift some heft
    2) love that you are putting yourself out there and holding yourself accountable
    3) How much weight are you trying to lose, total? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and I’ve kind of stalked your whole blog, since your sister made me come over here.

  2. Jerod Smith says:

    Keep at it you son of a bitch….The thing I most agree with on here is the “never too high, never too low” post… I think everything in life…goals, school, job, marriage, kids, finances, diets….all share a common denominator in order to have success with them “balance”. Just as an outside observer to your writings which I think are exceptional, I would predict that at the end of this “journey” the relieve, pleasure, satisfaction “feeling of accomplishment” whatever emotion seizes you, will not exist because of what the scale reads, but rather because of the “journey” you took. You have already accomplished the hardest part, which was getting started, minus a few speed bumps and plateaus you face you are on your way. So I’ll end it as I have started it and say…keep at it you son of a bitch…..

    This is the year for you and the bucco’s.

    • Thanks Jerod! That was very well put and I really appreciate the support, you have no idea. I think that you’re exactly right that the mantra “never too high, never too low” can be applied to just about any aspect of life; I never thought of it that way. Thank you again for reading it means a lot. This IS the year for the Buccos, too! Mark my words! lol

  3. Hi Mike,
    Keep with it! You are an inspiration to any overweight people who find your blog. You deserve to be young and happy and active. You deserve a good life. Congratulations!

  4. Anonymous says:

    dont like the color

  5. Anka says:

    Hi Michael, I’ve been meaning to stop by for sometime. I’m a HUGE fan of your sister’s so I know that I will undoubtedly become a fan of yours too! Looking forward to your journey and will be rooting for you! 🙂

  6. vernette says:

    Hi there Mike, I wish you every success – big and small on this journey you’re embarking on. I lost my mom two years ago and proceeded to gain 15lbs in “ice cream” weight. It took a lot of internal work and a lifestyle change: changed diet and disciplined exercise schedule, to lose it. I was able to achieve that by the end of 2012 but I’m not at my “ideal” weight yet. I still have some ways to go. I put ideal in quotations because that weight is not really a number…it’s when I feel comfortable once more in my own skin, I can run a half marathon without stopping and I finally get rid of my under arm jiggle. So I look forward to reading about your journey and I will be sending you light and skinny thoughts as you go!

    • I am sorry to hear about your loss, Vernette. That being said, I admire that you were able to dig yourself out of a rut and make improvements. It’s also commendable that you didn’t stop after a bit of success and you are going to keep going until you are completely happy with yourself. I am trying to do the same thing myself, so I thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I’ll be clicking the follow button to track your progress and cheer you on when you need it! This is a huge step in the right direction. I’m a firm believer that we all need a village to help us achieve our goals. Be sure to balance your fitness soul in every way, not just physical! Good luck! BTW, must give props to your sis as I love her blog and was directed here by her post today. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, littlemisswordy! That’s fun to say. I give props to her as well, as she is the inspiration for me starting this blog. I really appreciate your support; it means a lot to me!

  8. Mike Corcetti says:

    Good luck Mike. I’m confident you have what it takes to be successful and this is the perfect tool for accountability. I also have a client who specializes in weight loss/diet, let me know if you’d like to speak with him… He’s a great guy.

  9. Andrew Russo says:

    I think this is a very brave thing you’re doing (sharing what you think and your life stories in public) and I wish you the best in accomplishing your goals!

  10. Julie Crutchman says:

    Stay strong , determined and focused. Mind over matter.

  11. Jeanne Dixon says:

    Hey Mike:
    I am a new grandmother at the age of 60 and I have stuggled with my weight all my life. I had lost over 100 pounds years ago only to regain it and then some. Over the past year or two my life went through many changes–all for the good, but I rewarded myself with food. Yes, I love potato chips and junk food–all food to be honest. Anyway, I began getting depressed early in 2012, and finally by May I knew that my weight was at the foundation of my depression. So, I decided that if I wanted to be able to enjoy my granddaughter, then I had to do something. I started exercising at Curves three times a week and began a diet that I designed myself. I rarely eat red meat, and I always have fish, veggies, salad, chicken. I don’t eat bread or pasta and I end each day with two pieces of fruit. I am not starving, and I feel better than I have in years. I have lost 55 pounds and plan to lose about 40 more. I am not in any hurry because I know that I can do it slowly. I am feeling better than I have in years, and my outlook is so much better. I didn’t tell you that my favorite hobby is baking sweets. Yes, I made 18 different kinds of cookies for Christmas and ate maybe five cookies. I bake at least three times a week and give it all away. I think that by facing my temptations I am stronger when I can say no. I feel so good when I see my favorite foods in front of me and then walk away from them. So, if I can do it, you can do it.

  12. jerrad henry says:

    Keep your chin up bud you can do it

  13. Berkey11 says:

    Lemme know if you need any help

  14. Scott Becker says:

    You got this Mike. Always stay the course the first week is the hardest.

  15. jeff mikell says:

    U can do it……

  16. Alicia Smail says:

    Michael, I think what you are doing is great! I wish you great success in your journey!

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